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One Section Carbon Fiber Robotics Pole-Dual Graduations

Product ID: 5129-52

Price: $290.95


One Section Carbon Fiber Robotics Pole-Dual Graduations

One Section Carbon Fiber Robotics Pole-Dual Graduations. These telescoping poles are graduated to read direct for a 135 mm prism height.  Adapters will achieve other prism heights.  The carbon composite and aluminum construction make these poles 30% lighter than similar prism poles.  Features include a stainless steel pin which locks the inner pole allowing no slippage or length change of the pole.  The holes are spaced every 0.5 ft.  The popular TLV which has a 40-minute vial built-in to the lock is included. The inner poles have dual graduations: centimeters and 0.01 ft.  The pole collapse to 4.97 ft (1.516 m) and extend to 8.53 ft (2.60 m).

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