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GPS Pathfinder Office Software V4.10

Product ID: 34191-VG

Price: $1,995.00


GPS Pathfinder Office Software V4.10

The GPS Pathfinder® Office software is a powerful and easy-to-use software package of powerful GNSS postprocessing tools, incorporating the new Trimble® DeltaPhaseTM differential correction technology, ensuring your data is consistent, reliable, and accurate.

Improve the accuracy of your GPS data

Postprocessing gives significant improvements on your autonomous accuracy all the way down to decimeter (10 cm / 4 inch) level, depending on the environment and your GPS receiver. Using Trimble's H-StarTM technology you can achieve decimeter accuracy with the GPS Pathfinder ProXHTM and ProXRT receivers and the GeoXHTM 2008 series handheld. Alternatively, with a GeoXTTM or JunoTM series handheld, or a ProXTTM receiver, you can achieve optimal GPS code processing accuracy with the new Trimble DeltaPhase technology.

Make sure that your data is differentially corrected using the best quality base station data available with GPS Pathfinder Office software's unique Integrity Index grading system. Providing a list of monitored base data providers from around the world, the Integrity Index helps you select quality providers to use when differentially correcting your data.

Increase the efficiency of your field work

Data can be imported from a number of GIS and database formats allowing previously collected GIS data to be taken back to the field for verification and update.

The GPS Pathfinder Office software's Data Dictionary Editor creates custom lists of features and attributes for data collection. You can be confident that data collected in the field meets your specific GIS needs by creating your own data dictionary or importing one from your GIS based on its exact data schema. In the field, the data dictionary prompts the field crew to enter specific information-ensuring data integrity and compatibility with your GIS or database. You can also create waypoint files to enhance productivity in the field.

Ensure you have quality data

You can view your features for comparison against any number of background files such as aerial photographs or satellite imagery of the area you are working in. You can even display and use background data directly from a web map server.

Before transferring your data to a GIS, CAD, or database system, you can analyze it to confirm it is complete and free of errors. GIS feature and attribute data can be changed, and unnecessary or unwanted GPS positions can be deleted. This ensures that only the highest quality data is exported to your GIS.

GPS Pathfinder Office software-making it easy for you to manage, correct, and update your GIS data.

Key features:

  • Differentially correct for improved GPS position accuracy including Trimble H-Star single- and multiple- base station processing for subfoot accuracy with the GeoXH handheld and GPS Pathfinder ProXRT and ProXH receivers
  • Differentially correct GLONASS positions collected by a GLONASS-enabled GPS Pathfinder ProXRT receiver
  • Unique Base Provider Integrity Index can automatically select and download the best quality base data available for differential correction
  • Download and display raster imagery from Internet Map Servers (including ArcIMS and Open GIS formats, and MrSID, ECW and JPEG 2000 formats)
  • Flexible map symbology so you can tailor your data display to your GIS
  • Create and manage waypoint files
  • Create sophisticated data dictionaries that mirror your GIS database
  • Import data from Shapefile (SHP), MapInfo (MIF), AutoCAD (DXF), dBase (DBF), and Microsoft® Access (MDB) file formats for maintenance and verification of data in the field
  • Export Shapefiles with an associated projection (PRJ) file
  • Export project data to KML/KMZ format files.
  • Review and edit GPS data before transferring it to a GIS
  • Automate routine tasks such as data transfer, differential correction, and data export
  • Supports Microsoft® Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 32- and 64-bit operating systems


  • The GPS Pathfinder Office software comes standard with 12 months enhancement eligibility

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