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Carrying Cases

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Heavy-Duty GPS Tripod Bag
Product ID: 8154-12-ORG
Price: $105.95
GPS Antenna Tripod Bag
Product ID: 8154-00-ORG
Price: $78.95
Padded System Bags-Short
Product ID: 8157-00-ORG
Price: $105.95
Padded System Bags-Long
Product ID: 8157-01-ORG
Price: $108.95
Universal Pole Bag
Product ID: 8160-00-ORG
Price: $38.95
Prism Pole Hard Shell Case
Product ID: 8160-20-BLK
Price: $91.95
Range Pole Bag
Product ID: 8170-00-ORG
Price: $19.95
Prism Pole Bipod/Tripod Bags - Standard Bag
Product ID: 8180-00-ORG
Price: $52.95
Extra-Large Tripod Bag
Product ID: 8154-11-ORG
Price: $61.95
Tripod Bag
Product ID: 8150-00-ORG
Price: $56.95
Heavy-Duty Instrument Tripod Bag.
Product ID: 8150-20-ORG
Price: $65.95
Tripod Hard Shell Shipping Case
Product ID: 8160-30
Price: $355.95
Single Prism Bag
Product ID: 8070-00-ORG
Price: $39.95
Tribrach Case
Product ID: 8071-00-ORG
Price: $37.95
Triple Prism Bag
Product ID: 8080-00-ORG
Price: $41.95
Jumbo Triple Prism Bag
Product ID: 8081-00-ORG
Price: $57.95
Super Jumbo Bag
Product ID: 8082-00-ORG
Price: $67.95
Tall Triple Prism Bag
Product ID: 8130-00-ORG
Price: $60.95
Front-Loading Total Station Field Case
Product ID: 8120-00-ORG
Price: $207.95
Top-Loading Total Station Field Case
Product ID: 8121-00-ORG
Price: $207.95
Front-Loading Total Station Case w/Frame
Product ID: 8122-00-ORG
Price: $320.95
Top-Loading Total Station Field Case w/Frame
Product ID: 8123-00-ORG
Price: $320.95
Large GIS Backpack w/Antenna Bar
Product ID: 8125-00-ORG
Price: $216.95
Large GIS Backpack w/Cam-Lock Antenna Pole
Product ID: 8125-11-ORG
Price: $226.95
Small GIS Backpack - Orange
Product ID: 8125-50-ORG
Price: $216.95
GPS Backpack
Product ID: 8124-00-ORG
Price: $320.95
Heavy-Duty Bag w/Center Partition
Product ID: 8091-20-ORG
Price: $62.95
Surveyor's Tool Pouch w/Belt
Product ID: 8046-30-ORG
Price: $49.95
Heavy-Duty Prism Pole Tripod Bag
Product ID: 8180-20-ORG
Price: $61.95
Heavy-Duty Lath Carrier
Product ID: 8102-01-ORG
Price: $82.95
Lath Bag - for 48 Inch Lath
Product ID: 8101-00-ORG
Price: $45.95
Wire Stake Flag Bag - for 21-Inch Flags
Product ID: 8093-00-ORG
Price: $16.95
Wire Stake Flag Bag - 30-Inch Flags
Product ID: 8094-00-ORG
Price: $17.95
Pole Case for Pathfinder
Product ID: 8143-21-YEL
Price: $61.95
Cell Phone Pole Case
Product ID: 8143-22-FLY
Price: $15.95
Case for Recon w/CF Cap
Product ID: 8240-10-ORG
Price: $48.95
Case for Recon w/Out Flash Cap
Product ID: 8240-00-ORG
Price: $43.95
Lath Carrier - Orange
Product ID: 8102-00-ORG
Price: $61.95
Lath Bag
Product ID: 8103-00-ORG
Price: $41.95
Lath Bag - with Rhinotek
Product ID: 8103-20-ORG
Price: $49.95
Construction-Style Tool Pouch - Orange
Product ID: 8046-20-ORG
Price: $32.95
Bag for 18-Inch (46-cm) Wood Stakes
Product ID: 8090-00-ORG
Price: $49.95
Bag for 18-Inch (46-cm) Wood Stakes
Product ID: 8091-00-ORG
Price: $53.95
Monster Gear Bag
Product ID: 8106-10-ORG
Price: $139.95
Collapsible Bucket Bag
Product ID: 8095-20-ORG
Price: $52.95
Spray Can Holder - Standard Holder
Product ID: 8098-00-ORG
Price: $11.95
Spray Can Holder - w/Accessory Pockets
Product ID: 8098-10-ORG
Price: $20.95
Bag for 24 Inch (61-cm) Wood Stakes
Product ID: 8092-00-ORG
Price: $53.95
Gear Bag
Product ID: 8106-20-ORG
Price: $71.95
Heavy-Duty Bucket Lath Carrier
Product ID: 8104-20-ORG
Price: $63.95

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