Solve day to day operations problems for the back office user and field crew.

Trimble Unity uses a cloud hosted app to quickly and easily dispatch work to crews via the web browser. Spatial technology from Trimble and Esri enables the work manager to quickly and easily dispatch resources directly to the right location(s). It is licensed per user and each user gets access to all of the standard apps available in the product.

The work manager can easily see who is working where, the progress field activities and has access to the data gathered in the field when the work is complete.

The multiplatform mobile app (Windows Mobile, Windows 7/8, Android and iOS) gives the field user all the functionality they need to allow them to get their work done quickly and efficiently; location sensitive maps of the assets they are working on, the forms they need and workflow to guide them through the process.

The app works on many devices including tablets and smartphones, but when combined with Trimble ruggedized GNSS enabled mobile computing hardware it gives the field users the tools they needs to work smarter and more accurately in the field.


Enhance Field Productivity
Streamline field data collection activities through intelligent workflows and data collection forms.

Centralized Dispatching
Managers use one platform to efficiently create, dispatch and monitor asset inspections, repair, maintenance and data collection jobs.

Measure your crew productivity and overall condition of critical infrastructure assets through standard and configurable dashboards.

Work Offline
GIS data, background maps, work orders and forms are all available offline. Field crews can perform their work without the need of internet connectivity. GIS data of infrastructure assets is available offline during emergency response.

GPS Accuracy
Leverage Trimble’s high accuracy GNSS receivers to improve the accuracy of your GIS data, or quickly locate hard to find assets.

Eliminate Paperwork
Enhance the productivity of field crews by eliminating paperwork and manual data entry backlogs.

Reduce Error
Significantly reduces re-entry of information and associated human errors by synchronizing data directly from the field to back office systems.

Intuitive and easy to use, incorporating linear workflows which limit the choices that are available to the user.