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Sentinel GIS

Sentinel GIS is your complete solution for recording and managing data critical to controlling mosquitoes. This easy-to-use software package features mobile GIS solutions for mosquito control, automated synchronization between the desktop GIS and the mobile GIS, and supervisory tools making it easy for supervisors to customize and maintain their workflow processes. Applications are based on industry standard Esri ArcGIS and ArcPad software. However, a key to this solution is that no GIS experience is required to get the field data collected.

With Sentinel GIS taking your GIS information to and from the field is seamless. Sentinel GIS offers four application modules: Larviciding, Adulticiding, Surveillance and Service Request. All four applications use a similar process to prepare, collect, and report the mosquito control data. Pick and choose the modules that fit your mosquito control needs. Modules can be added when your are ready to implement new control methods.

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We offer custom ArcGIS Online and Collector app services.

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