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FieldSeeker™ GIS for Mosquito Control leverages the Esri ArcGIS for Server ecosystem to provide users with simple, intuitive tools for recording and finding data related to mosquito control activities. Tools for collecting and reporting data pertaining to Larviciding, Adulticiding, Surveillance and Service Request are included. Field and office users benefit from seeing a common up-to-date picture of their operations. Data can be shared easily on the Web both inside and outside your organization using ArcGIS Online and Esri Smartphone applications.

Field users do not have to have an Internet connection to use the mobile software, but they can update data from the field wherever they have an Internet connection using cellular or WiFi on their Windows Mobile devices; or by connecting their device to their computer in the office to synchronize data. Office users access FieldSeeker from their Web browser using the FieldSeeker Web application.

New! FieldSeeker GIS For iOS
Our new Esri-based FieldSeeker GIS iOS mobile app for mosquito control activities will be available for delivery in late spring. Fully integrable with FieldSeeker GIS web app, you can seamlessly send and receive real-time data in the field. The FieldSeeker GIS web app has been updated with many new features to increase productivity, including support tools for aerial and ground spraying and inventory tracking. Contact us for a web demo today!

Other New Features:
On-Truck Inventory Tools
On-Truck Inventory Tools are used to track movement of products from warehouses to vehicles and between vehicles, track treatments put into the field, and record adjustments. Get an instant up-to-date view of where your product inventory is and where it is going. On-truck inventory can be integrated with backend asset management or ERP systems.

Aerial and Ground Spraying Tools
Aerial and Ground Spraying support tools, such as Proposed Treatment Areas and SkyTracker Import, are used to support and integrate aerial and ground spraying operations. Create spray blocks (proposed treatment areas), set due dates, export selected areas to shapefile for use in other software, and automatically mark treatment areas closed based on spray operations. Even if you are using another system to collect aerial or ground spraying data, we can import it into FieldSeeker for time-enabled map display, reporting, and planning purposes.

We offer custom ArcGIS Online and Collector app services.
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