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hydroplus ce demonstration software
Installation Instructions for HydroPlus® CE v4.32 Demo Software
Download HydroPlus® CE Demo Software - .EXE Format
Download HydroPlus® CE Demo Software - .ZIP Format
* File Posted: Tuesday, April 03, 2012   |  
Purchase The HydroPlus CE Software Package

HydroPlusCE v4.32 for Windows Mobile 2003 through Windows Mobile 6.5.3, and HPC Windows version 4.2.

Microsoft ActiveSync if Windows XP or the Mobile Device Manager if Windows 7 should be installed prior to installing this demo package if using Windows CE hand helds.

The HydroPlus CE demonstration version has full functionality on the PC for 30 days but has limited capabilities on the hand held. On the hand held, the demo mode will run 10 times.

The HydroPlus CE software package sells for $495 with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and can be ordered from our on-line store.
PC Compatibility
The minimum requirements are as follows:
  • An IBM compatible PC with a 200 MHz Pentium II or greater processor
  • Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7
  • 1 GB or greater of RAM
  • 30 MB of free hard disk space
  • USB cradle, RS232 serial port with Microsoft ActiveSync or Mobile Device Manager connection
  • SVGA or greater video (800 x 600 resolution), 256 or greater color setting
Windows CE-based Hand Held Compatibility
The minimum requirements are as follows:
  • ARMV4 or compatible processor
  • Microsoft Windows 4.x, Windows Mobile 2003 through Windows Mobile 6.5.3
  • 64MB or greater RAM
  • 3.0 MB or greater Storage space
HydroPlus CE has been tested on the following Windows CE hand helds:
  • In-Situ Rugged Reader
  • TDS/Trimble Ranger, Recon, Nomad
  • Trimble GeoExplorer and Juno
  • Juniper Systems Allegro CX, Allegro MX, Archer, and Mesa
Tested Multiprobes:
  • In-Situ MP-TROLL 9000, 9500 and miniTROLL
  • Hydrolab Series 4/5 in ANSI mode
  • YSI 6 Series
Compatible GPS Receivers:
  • TSIP - a Trimble binary protocol
  • NMEA - (National Maritime Electronics Association) 0183 or greater
To install the PC software...
Download the “HPSetup.exe” file into an empty directory or Open (Run) it from its current location.

When installing:
If saved to a local directory, from inside Windows Explorer double click on “HPSetup.exe” to install the files. Follow the instructions from the setup wizard.

When registering, type in “trial” for the serial number on the PC.

For the hand held, press the Demo Mode Button.

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