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We realize the problems associated with owning water quality instruments from different manufacturers. Each manufacturer uses different methods of collecting, retrieving, and displaying data. Elecdata's software development department has solved this problem with the latest release of HydroPlus® CE.

HydroPlus® CE will function with the three most common multi-probes on today's market: In-Situ, Hydrolab and YSI. Imagine the cost savings of having one display for all your various multiprobes. Imagine the time saved in training one method of data collection and data download. Load HydroPlus® into a CE device such the In- Situ Rugged Reader, Trimble GeoExplorer CE, or Allegro CX to eliminate the confusion and "bridge the gap".

A GPS receiver can also be integrated into the system by using HydroPlus CE. Record both water quality parameters and GPS location with the click of a button. Use GPS to easily navigate to sampling points or to store new waypoints. GPS accuracy depends upon the GPS system integrated with the HydroPlus software.

HydroPlus Host PC Software gives a user friendly PC interface for installing software on the hand held, transferring data, and converting data to different formats. HydroPlus Host converts data to ASCII text, .csv, .mdb or .dbf formats. Use the data in Excel, database programs or with ESRI ArcGIS software. A Table Editor is also included to enable pre-loading of your existing location and waypoint information.

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